Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tying Up Loose Ends

With this being the last day of the year, I thought it prudent of me to catch everyone up (or at least try to) with all the happenings of the last few months (Halloween to Christmas) since I've been quite pathetic or maybe even a bit apathetic with updating my blog with our often crazy over scheduled life. (Warning:  LOTS of pictures coming your way!)

Buddy Walk 2014- This is the first one the entire family attended in years.

Daddy helped out at the Fall Party in Izzy's classroom

Dasha "dancing" during her father's concert at Holliday Park in Indy

Cleaning out the pumpkins

Pocahontas and Sophia The First braved the sleet and snow to get their much desired candy.  Lily and Leo stayed dry and warm at home (aka refused to go trick or treating on the bitter windy Halloween night).

Reagan at a tailgate for prospective students at IU.

He preferred touring IU's campus over watching football. ;)

Leo's been in a dress up phase lately.  #eclectic

Sweetness overload with these two.

Sisters doing gymnastics together :)

Following in his daddy's footsteps?

Out with my mom and sibs. 

Riley turned 20 November 21st!  Each year we let the birthday child pick their "birthday cake" and Riley choose a cinnamon roll cake.  I slathered on some buttercream icing after it cooled and it lasted all of about 10 seconds.  P.S. How do I have a 20 year old?!?!

Thanksgiving in Florida!!!

Lily walked pretty well on the beach, but was terrified of the seagulls.

Celebrated Reagan and Kaelan's 18th birthdays in Florida.  Cheesecake Factory desserts for their birthday cakes of choice.


Boca Grande, Florida was beautiful and peaceful...perfect.

We went to the mall on a cloudy cold day in Florida, told Santa want we wanted for Christmas and doled out some hugs.  Lily & Leo still prefer Santa from afar.  

We went shopping for a Christmas tree at the family nursery as soon as we got home from Florida.

And we celebrated Izzy's 8th birthday December 4th.  Baskin Robbins ice cream cake was her pick for cake.

Another chance to tell Santa in case he forgot the first time.

Kaelan's new little buddy for his birthday/Christmas gift...Dale Jr.

Dasha was invited to perform during the pre-game show with the Colts Cheerleaders during the Colts vs. Houston game December 14th from Down Syndrome Indiana.  She had 3 practice sessions before that date the 2 previous weeks.  Megan was the Colts Cheerleader she was matched with and another little girl with Down syndrome.  There were many children and adults with Down syndrome performing and it was awesome!!

Day of the excited!!

 Dasha holding her cousin Kiley.

Rare family shot. #love

Here's to a healthy & happy new year!!!