Saturday, February 28, 2009

Outcome of our conferences

I think we spent almost 10 hours at 3 schools this week creating, adding to and tweaking 4 IEP's and 1 504 plan.
Riley doesn't qualify for an IEP so we mostly discussed ways to decrease NHI (not handed in) assignments and improve his grades overall.  We added in more supports to his 504 plan and hopefully, the school will actually follow thru with doing them.  We are also debating whether or not he should continue going to public schools next year or go to the Catholic high school that he was accepted into. They have a student support service program that sounds wonderful, but they are a good 20-25 minutes away from our house.  If they were 5 minutes from our house, it wouldn't be a tough decision at all!

Reagan and Kaelan IEP's didn't change much.  We figured out their schedule for next year and discussed a few issues that have cropped up this past school year.  We LOVED Reagan's teacher this year and I wish we could have her every year. She just gets him and so few ever do.  I felt Kaelan's teacher lacked experience for dealing with a child with Autism/Asperger's, but we have such a wonderful resource teacher that he has done pretty well this year with her intervention.  One negative is there might be a glitch next year because their resource teacher is having a baby around the time I am and she is being vague as to when or if she is coming back so we might once again have a new resource teacher come August.  :(

The biggest change is with Lily and Dasha.  Starting Monday, they will be getting on the bus (freaking out a bit about this for Lily) and going to the afternoon preschool at our local public school from 1-3:30 FIVE days a week!  This is on top of their Developmental preschool T/TH mornings and Lily's private Speech and Hippotherapy.  I know in my head this will be a wonderful thing for both girls, BUT my heart is having a hard time letting it happen. Don't get me wrong though.  I think Dasha will LOVE everything about going to this preschool.  I know she needs this social interaction with peers her age and also the services they will provide for her.  My worry for Dasha is bonding.  I don't want to hurt the bond we have established so far because I know that we still have a ways to go.  I also know that Lily needs more school.  She is very delayed developmentally and if I ever want her to progress and grow then she needs to be pushed very hard.  I was teased yesterday that Lily is my Achilles heel and I guess they are right.  I'm extremely overprotective of her and have a hard time letting her out of my sight.  I think a big part of this stems from her being so ill the first 6 months of her life.  I also feel like her interpreter because so many people misunderstand what she says or miss what she says because she is so quiet.  One example during her evaluation of misreading Lily was when she got excited and very happy. When Lily gets excited and very happy, she will stiffen up her entire body making her arms go straight as she flaps them or shakes them.  She also can have a somewhat goofy smile on her face.  Well, the psychologist thought she was either having a tremor or a seizure. :/  I also know that she is going to be very confused at first and I wish I could explain it to her beforehand.

So, it's big changes for the girls and I'm praying that it is going to be all positive.  I just wish I could be a fly on the wall........


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Mandy said...

Oh how I wish we lived by each other - then we could take turns spying on each other's kids when they are at school!!! LOL Seriously, I am going to be a WRECK when Bryce goes to school in a couple of months - so I totally hear where you are coming from.