Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Progress On The Nonverbal Front

Happy New Year!!  

Here's to a year of joy, good health, prosperous ventures and little boys talking.  

Leo (3 1/2) is still nonverbal or I guess you could say he's pre-verbal.  Lots of sounds are coming out of his mouth and he's babbling up a storm.  Just last week he added "nonono" to his repertoire.  I feel like he's on the cusp of exploding with his speech, but that may be wishful thinking on my part.  We shall just have to wait and see.  Patience is a virtue and all that.

He may have no actual words, but he definitely loves to read and constantly is holding up things or pulling my hand guiding me over to something to read like a label, a sticker or an embossed/stamped plastic toy for him.  Reagan had this early ability to read and the formal diagnosis for it is called Hyperlexia.  Reagan had many of the characteristics and Leo seems to be following suit.  It really is baffling how a child could read, but yet not speak a word.  Then when they gain speech, they can say words perfectly that they've never heard before.  It's really quite phenomenal.

Here is a little video of Leo's newest babble.  I think Leo hears "No, No Leo!" a lot lately. Between climbing up on furniture, getting into the pantry, opening the fridge and playing in the toilet, I'm sure you can guess why.

When we were at Matt's parents house on Christmas, Leo got an ABC puzzle.  He was quite happy about it.  While I was watching everyone open gifts, Leo became very excited.  He was in front of me so I didn't see what had gotten him so gleeful.  So I looked around him and saw this:

He did it all on his own.  #smartboy

Several years ago, I was on a quest to have sensory tools or equipment in our house to help Reagan & Kaelan cope with their many sensory intergration issues.  We first got an Airwalker which is spandex sensory swing that they loved.  The following year, we bought The Steamroller.  It is a compression type toy for those kids that crave deep pressure.  Leo seems to want deep pressure all day long.  Well, Matt brought it upstairs from storage and showed Leo how to use it.  He LOVED it and uses it several times a day.  It kind of reminds me of the Hug Machine that Temple Grandin invented that also provides deep squeezing pressure.

Leo's favorite (stolen) new drink - Mommy's Diet Coke

I hope baby boy you enjoyed it while you could because Mommy just gave it up today. /:


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Cindy said...

That 'yes no' is pretty exciting! And that hug machine looks nice. Happy New Year!