Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Uh Oh! Leo's Googling (Plus A Coif Update)

Sunday, I discovered my mad skillz 4 year old boy had discovered Google on the iPad and iPod Touch.  I was a bit surprised considering we'd hidden Safari away in one of those little boxes of apps not really meant for kids to fiddle with on each device.  

So today for fun, I looked up his history of Google searches and had quite the giggle.  Here they are in no particular order:  alexleah (from Signing Time), playwithmesingalong, cupcakecupcake, hellodipsyonlaalaa (Teletubbies), woozoo, zebras, tigers, samesskyvisitsigningtimecom, imahappybanana, amahappybanana, crackerbarreloldcountry, speedway, sunoco, wwwpottytimecom, starbucks, mcdonald/s, spongebobsquarepants, bigtruck, bandaid, ondisneyjunior, flyingpanandbacongotogether, ilovebarney, clockhickorydickorydock, octonauts, twolittlehandsproductionspresents, tarzan, sharingcaring, milk, cow's milk, fireman sam, and my favorite:  mom.

Now I'm just trying to figure out a way to hide Safari to curb this newest talent. 


Well, I couldn't bring myself to chop Leo's curls completely off even though 56% of you thought I should give him a short little boy cut.  I kinda went in-between a little trim and a short cut.  I'm no beautician, not even close, but I'm still not ready to brave taking him to a professional for a haircut due to his (over)reaction to people touching his head....picking my battles I guess, but overall I don't think it turned out too badly. :)

I especially love how I can see those big beautiful hazel eyes now and I think he likes having the hair out of his face.


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Toni said...

Very handsome boy! I love the long hair. My son has straight, straight hair so keeping short is the only thing that works, but wish I could keep his long