Tuesday, December 31, 2013


It's been quite a year.  Some moments were celebrated and some moments left us heartbroken.    

It's been four months since I said goodbye to my dad.  I still miss him dearly and think of him several times a day.  But as we all know, life goes on.  I've come to realize grief doesn't just go away as time passes.  It will always be there, but the busyness of life and loved ones do help soften it's blow. There are still moments when I'm struck in the heart with the pain of his death, but I'm grateful for the time I had to be with him that final month and especially during his last moments here on earth.  Being surrounded by my family over the holidays has helped, but it's just not the same without my dad's cracking wit, sarcasm and yes, even his grumpiness.  

So today I decided to share my greatest joy of 2013.  It's a fairly recent happening and still very new, but so worth celebrating.  A few weeks ago something must have clicked in Leo's head or perhaps something cracked the apraxia/autism dam with Leo's speech.  I'm not even doubting it could have been all the Sprite and ice he's been downing this month.  Who knows, but something or everything has finally worked.  Not to say we haven't had a word here or there come out clearly over the last few months (like the "bus" video I posted last month here on my blog), but never with any consistency or with mimicry. 

Just these past 2 weeks, Leo (who is 4 1/2) has been trying oh so hard to copy words we say to him.  So far we've heard the following words come out of his mouth quite clearly and meaningfully:  on, off, e-i-e-i-o (not really a word, but hey I'll take it), hug, brown, help, hot, uh oh, bath, bathtub, more, drink, my, house, broom, Oreo, Donettes, cookie, cake, Poptart, and Daddy.  I even think I heard a "mama", but he wouldn't repeat it for me, but soon...very soon I think. :)

Without further adieu, here are a few videos of his latest words.  Warning:  He might make you dizzy with all of his spinning and movement.  This boy never stays still.  Oh and he thinks our house is a pants free zone so excuse the lack of pants and pull-up show. :) 

From our family to yours, we wish you a happy, healthy and blessed 2014!!!


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Susan said...

So happy to hear that Leo has had a break through. I know you miss your dad as I do mine. Our family keeps us going. Happy New Year!